Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Llangollen Threatened by Tesco too..

Llangollen in Wales is also being threatened by Tesco's never-ending desire to grow their corporate mega-business and make more and more money from the demise of our small town highstreets and independent shops. 

Tesco are trying everything they can in every place they can.. Tenbury is just another notch on the bedpost as far as Tesco are concerned. If it doesn't happen in Tenbury then they'll try anywhere else they can and use anything within their power to try to make it happen using such standard excuses as "but it's what the people want" [when in Tenbury and surrounds many hundreds of people have said NO time after time to the plan via planning objections to MHDC].

Interestingly the video above starts with a hint at the very real discussions ongoing in the UK parliament about Tesco's ruthless expansion tactics. It's clearly something that's now on government agendas as well as how to keep our small town highstreets vibrant.


  1. "Many hundreds have said no" but many more thousands haven't.......
    2000 more from tenbury alone, if you extend that to the surround areas that you include for the no vote it'd probably jump to tens of thousands who haven't objected.....

  2. Show us the evidence..

    Without it your comment is mere speculation.. Instead, look at the 700+ people from the locale who have very clearly said 'NO' to MHDC on this planning idea. There's a only a few that have suggested any kind of support on MHDC's planning site - so where's the evidence for these "tens of thousands" then?

  3. You need evidence that thousands, if not more haven't objected.... really.
    Well take the census data for all of the areas you accepted a 'no' vote from, add them all up, subtract your 700, et viola you have a number of all of those that haven't objected.

  4. Erm, let's flip this then.. How can you say definitively that those who haven't formally objected are 'pro' Tesco's plan in Tenbury?

    How do you know what the many thousands you mention all think? Which ones are not really bothered either way? Which are against but just haven't formally objected and which would prefer a smaller retail solution while re-utilising the existing heritage building on the site?

    The simple answer is that you're trying to use huge generalisations [and assumptions] to try and support your point.. On the flip side, we have 700+ clear individual planning objections lodged with MHDC that say "no". Additionally our own TF poll taken in March 2011 [with over 300 replies from the locale and copied to both local and district Councils for validation] also concluded that the majority of those who replied would prefer a smaller, more blended retail solution on the cattle market site that could offer-up a broader set of benefits for the local community.

  5. Where have I said they were all pro tesco?, either way it appears as though MHDC planning officer has seen the light with and recommend approval.
    Woo, and indeed, Hoo

  6. Who knows what the planning folks will arrive at in reality..

    An MHDC executive officer commented to one of our number recently that they were aware with the last application "that there was a very sizeable NO from the local community". This time numbers are similar in terms of clear written objections.

    Additionally we hear from an MHDC source this last weekend that Tesco are smarting under recent poor trading figures and bad publicity from their recent "slave labour" news profile [which they then tried to blame entirely on the govt]. Additionally, the govt themselves are taking notice and starting to debate Tesco's ruthless expansion policies [see start of the video above]. This all culminates in us being told that Tesco are now having a 'corporate re-think' about their future development policy and aims. As such planned Tesco devts abroad have been cancelled and some in the UK have been frozen such as their devts in Stourport.

    We also know that other developers are now looking at the Cattle Market site in the expectation that Tesco might now pull out or be refused again. These developers tally more with the idea that the retail element on the site will be [mainstream but] much smaller while preserving and developing the heritage buildings on the site..