Friday, 13 April 2012

Before Tesco - Teme Bridge Congestion

HGV mounts pavement behind disability scooter.
(Click to enlarge picture).

The reworked Teme Bridge has certainly seen work undertaken, but it's now even narrower in places than in the past. Many in the town have seen HGV's mounting the pavements in the past to try and get around the bend in the bridge but here's another example [above] which happened recently despite 'improvements' to the bridge. Of concern in this example is the senior citizen in the disability scooter who is clearly unaware of the large HGV looming-up behind him while it tries to get around the bend in the bridge. Issues around congestion and safety of pedestrians on the structure have been voiced before and clearly aren't going away .

The bridge has always seen busier periods in the day - this image showing just one of these in a late morning on a weekday. Tenbury Futures have long raised concerns about the Teme bridge's ability to cope with the growing modern traffic numbers if faces and here is just one of many ongoing snarl-ups caught on camera.. It's worthwhile pointing out of course that all this is happening before either any works are carried-out on the town's cattle market site or increases brought on by subsequent store traffic.. 

We raised the spectre of "Massive additional congestion" on our past posters in the town if a supermarket was given the go-ahead.. The bridge is clearly suffering issues around both traffic and safety of pedestrians even before a supermarket build - were we right to raise concerns? 


  1. I see rust stains are already appearing on the base of some railings - also at least 50% of the kerb stones are breaking up .Last for another 100 years? more like 100 days.

  2. maybe tenbury futures arranged for the LORRY to mount the pavement to take the photo
    people of tenbury are fed up with this utter nonsense shame it was not a spar lorry.

  3. peple of tenbury are fed up of being walked all over by tesco. they bought their way in to the town with little sweeteners here and there.

  4. As we've said, many locals have seen HGV's mount the Teme Bridge's pavement to try and get around the corner. It's just fluke that one of our members was there at the time and able to catch this one in the act. The picture says it all though - especially poignant as it shows just how precarious the safety of pedestrians can be on it - even when it's been 'improved' (or should we say thinned-down). All this on an A road that is classed "Unsuitable for HGV's". We clearly need a bridge that will serve the growing interests/demands of traffic in the town well into the medium term future. Something that the present scheduled ancient monument is already struggling with - and that's well before traffic numbers and congestion spike dramatically with supermarket build and potential customer traffic.

  5. Tesco has put all new plans for superstores on hold for the next three years as the retail empire takes drastic action to turn around its fortunes.

    Philip Clarke, its chief executive, will slash spending after he unveils the first decline in annual profits in its UK business for at least 20 years on Wednesday. As part of his strategy to tackle Sainsbury's resurgence, Tesco's development team will not commit to any new large supermarkets for the next three years.
    Lets hope this includes Tenbury.

  6. TENBURY is not a superstore tesco will be focusing more on intown sites

  7. The tesco planned for Tenbury is a huge store by town standards. It's far, far too big proportionally.

    I see plans for a new in town tesco store in Brough, east yorks have just been rejected too (Hull Daily Mail, 6th Apr, 2012):

    Sue Attisha, of action group Welton Tesco Fighters (one of over 450 in the UK now fighting Tesco development plans), said:

    "There are many issues but the main one is that there will be a huge traffic congestion problem.

    "The slip road won't cope."

    Funny that, everyone told Malvern's planners that the Teme Bridge was suitable but they chose to ignore the pleas.

    Well done Tesco ,you must be feeling the pinch !

  9. Is the rumour true the bridge is going to close yet again?