Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Llangollen Threatened by Tesco too..

Llangollen in Wales is also being threatened by Tesco's never-ending desire to grow their corporate mega-business and make more and more money from the demise of our small town highstreets and independent shops. 

Tesco are trying everything they can in every place they can.. Tenbury is just another notch on the bedpost as far as Tesco are concerned. If it doesn't happen in Tenbury then they'll try anywhere else they can and use anything within their power to try to make it happen using such standard excuses as "but it's what the people want" [when in Tenbury and surrounds many hundreds of people have said NO time after time to the plan via planning objections to MHDC].

Interestingly the video above starts with a hint at the very real discussions ongoing in the UK parliament about Tesco's ruthless expansion tactics. It's clearly something that's now on government agendas as well as how to keep our small town highstreets vibrant.